Who We Are

Merrifield View is a community of 83 residential town homes in Vienna, Virginia. The community is conveniently located within walking distance of the Washington, DC Metro System's Dunn Loring Station and in close proximity to the Merrifield Mosaic District, several Fairfax County parks, as well as the C&O Canal bike path.

The Homeowners Association exists to maintain the community common areas, provide basic services such as street maintenance and landscaping, and work with the homeowners and residents to communicate information important to the Association members and help protect property values. Every owner of record in Merrifield View is a member of the Homeowners Association.

Information about the Homeowners Assocation can be found on this web site.  Additional inquiries should be directed to our Property Management Firm - POA Management Associates, LLC.  Please see the "Contact Information" page of this web site for further details.

Merrifield View 2019 Road and Parking Area Project

Pro-Pave, Inc. has been hired to perform street and parking area maintenance.  This maintenance will take place on Lafora Court only.  Willowmere Road and the sidewalks which are parallel to it are owned and maintained by the Virginia Dept. of Transportation and will not be included in this maintenance. 

The work entails repairs to concrete curbs and gutters as well as re-paving the roadway and parking spaces. This project will renew the life of the asphalt surfaces as well as improve aesthetics in the community. The Board requests your patience and understanding while this work is completed in the neighborhood.

Things to Remember

Parking – All vehicles must be moved out of Lafora Court by 7:00 AM on days when work is scheduled.  Any vehicles not moved by 7:00 AM will be towed and impounded.    It is important to remember this and make note of the work dates and pass them along to your tenants if applicable.  The HOA has no flexibility in this on the date of the milling and paving work.   So, if you are going to be out of town, please make sure you make arrangements for your vehicles to be off Lafora Court on those days.  Why?  The tow trucks are not allowed to relocate vehicles to other areas of the community if they have to travel on VDOT owned roads to do so.  Likewise, they cannot relocate vehicles and leave them on VDOT roads.  Since no other portion of the community is accessible except via VDOT road then cars in the way must be impounded.  There is a possibility for exceptions on the day of concrete work (see below). 

Vehicular Traffic – No traffic will be allowed on the parking areas and roadway during the time Lafora Court is closed for milling/paving/striping.  Driving on newly paved asphalt within 24 hours can result in tire depressions, wheel marks, and other damage to the newly paved asphalt.  Please abide by all barricades and signs; they are posted for your safety and to protect the newly paved roads!

Pedestrians/Pets – Please stay off of the asphalt while the section is closed. Walking through tack coat will result in tracking of the product onto concrete sidewalks and even into your homes. This is costly to clean and is not the responsibility of Pro-Pave, Inc., the association manager, or the homeowners association.

Weather – All dates are weather dependent. In the event of rain we may be forced to cancel the project for that day. You will be notified as to when the roadwork has been rescheduled.  The most current information will be listed here on the home page of the association’s website.

Trash Service – Trash service will be suspended for Lafora Court residents on Tuesday, August 27th.  Residents who want to have trash collected on that day may place their marked trash containers on Willomere Drive for collection and should make sure to return their trash containers to the area behind their fence by the end of the day.

Delivery Service – Large vehicles (such as UPS, mail, moving and delivery trucks) will not be allowed on Lafora Court for at least 72 hours after paving has been completed.  Heavy trucks driving on newly paved asphalt within 72 hours can result in tire depressions, wheel marks, and other damage to the newly paved asphalt.  Please schedule deliveries and move ins and outs accordingly.

Questions may be directed to:  [email protected] or (703) 938-8761.

Merrifield View Concrete & Road Work Schedule

Thursday, August 15th – Concrete Repairs – Selected portions of Lafora Court

Concrete curb and gutter replacement as necessary.  Replacement sections will be marked with white paint and a white X will be placed on the roadway to mark parking areas that need to be emptied.  Signs will be placed out approximately three days before work begins.  Do not park within five feet of signs or marked concrete.  As mentioned above, if a vehicle is blocking a work area on Lafora Court, it may be relocated, but only if there is other available space on Lafora Court to do so.  If there isn’t space, cars must be impounded.

Towing enforced beginning at 7:00 AM

Tuesday, August 27th – Milling, Paving, and Striping – Lafora Court only 

Lafora Court will be completely closed (even during the milling process) and there will be no vehicular traffic or parking on that street on August 27th from 7:00 AM until the barriers are removed the following morning, August 28th, at approximately 6:00 AM.  During that time the road and parking areas will be milled (scraped down and the existing asphalt surface removed), paved (new asphalt laid down), and striped (new parking space headers, parking stall tic marks, and yellow curbs painted).

Towing Enforced beginning at 7:00 AM.